Final Project Remarks

Jun 20, 2022

Hello! Before concluding my project, I wanted to give a quick thank you to those who attended my project presentation. It was great presenting to my friends and family and those in the community who were interested in my topic.

The weeks of developing and carrying out my project we so much fun and I ultimately learned so much about genetics and working in a lab. I’ve learned many useful tips and tricks that I will carry over when I’m studying and doing research as an undergrad. Research is definitely what I will be focusing on during my years in college, and I can’t wait to continue and develop this project and involve myself in genetic research.

I want to thank both of my inspiring and intelligent mentors Ms. Das and Dr. Madison Fletcher for helping me with this project and supporting my research with COMT. I couldn’t have done this without them and they’ve never stopped supporting my endeavors and I am super grateful for them.

Here is a link to my final presentation!



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