Week 12: Conclusion to the Commercial Health of New York City’s Manhattan Chinatown

Jun 16, 2022

Hi everyone!

It is hard to believe that this is my last blog post for my Senior Project. Time has gone by so quickly and I have really enjoyed the research I did with Think!Chinatown and exploring my research question.

When I started my internship with Think!Chinatown to help collect data and research, I was excited to be involved in a community I really care about and be involved in collecting research through observations and interviews. The internship surpassed my expectations and I loved that I got to learn not only about Chinatown businesses but the use of public spaces, the importance of cultural events, and hearing from so many residents and business owners.

Today, I gave my Senior Project Presentation to the committee at BASIS and all those who came to listen. I was so excited to share my findings on what I had uncovered about Chinatown businesses and possible solutions that can help the neighborhood revitalize. I told Ms. Goldfarb that I would let her know when the report came out so she could share it with the BASIS community.

This senior project allowed me to combine my interest in history, supporting the Asian American community, and business. It has been a unique part of my BASIS experience and I am so grateful that in my senior year of high school I had such a wonderful opportunity like this that allowed me to personally conduct research and dive into an area of interest.

Before signing off, I want to thank Alice from Think!Chinatown, my supportive advisor Ms. Bennett, and everyone at BASIS. I could not have done it with you!

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