Week 11: Presentation Shenanigans

Jun 09, 2022

Hi! For this week, I have been working on my final presentation for next week. In terms of the presentation breakdown, I definitely want to ensure I have a solid introduction into the world of neuropsych and neuropsychological evaluations before I proceed with the research I conducted. In relation to other scientific topics, I think psychology probably has simpler terminology because the focus is a lot less on anatomical structure, and a lot more on behavior and how to make the lives of the child easier. Because of that, all this information needs to be communicated to parents who (most likely) do not have a background in psychology. I still will be making every effort to ensure that all the information I provide is easily understood and uses easily comprehensible, everyday language. 

So far, I have broken down my presentation into 3 major sections: The definition of intelligence & history of the WISC, My experiment, and results & implications. There is a lot of content to cover in 20 minutes but I think all of it is very essential to fully grasp the results of my project. I will be meeting with Ms. Bennett to discuss any changes I should make to my final presentation and hopefully get in a lot of practice before the final. 

This internship has overall been an extremely wonderful experience for me, and even though the senior project is over, I will be continuing to work here over the summer. Hopefully I will be able to get some more hands-on experience in the clinic because I won’t be conducting my research at the same time.


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