Week 10: Post-production begins

Jun 09, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome back to my blog!

This is my 11th week off-campus and I’m in the home stretch of finishing my project. My documentary has begun to take form as I spent a full two days this week editing down the interviews I shot over the course of my project. I don’t have a whole lot to report on as post-production is a very daunting-looking process if its unfamiliar. I’ll attach some photos of what the project timeline looks like as it stands. I plan on spending this weekend and the beginning of next week shooting footage and compiling the final documentary for presentation in 2 weeks. I’ve learned more than I could’ve imagined with this project and I’m grateful for those of you who have been following along and seeing my progress.

The interviews have been cut up and marked out to what each clip is about. Furthermore, they’re color-coded into whether I think I might use the clip, won’t use it, or for sure will use it.


Till next week!


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