Week 11: The Presentation

Jun 08, 2022

Hi everyone. In my initial AP presentation I had 15 minutes to convey the whole idea of what I was researching. This week, I am going to be talking a little about my design choices and why I chose to emphasize certain ideas. The most important and drastic difference between my paper and presentation was the background research. I complete removed the introduction and boiled down the whole literature to one slide. By cutting all this, I was able to better focus on the real world impacts of my results. I also used quite a few slides on establishing what my paper was. The audience for my presentation is less academic than the audience for my presentation. This lead to me having to use a few of my slides to explain things like my hypothesis the gap in my research and why that is important.

The rest of my presentation was split between my data and my discussion. My methodology, results, and conclusion slides made up my data, with the methodology acting as context for the other two. They laid out the number sides of what I found like all of my correlation and the answers the questions I put in my survey. My implications, limitations, and future sections made up my discussion. Here I turned my data into an understanding of our world. I explain my correlations and future research can expanded upon it.

Hopefully you can watch my presentation during the senior project presentations. Thank you so much for making it all the way here.


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