Week 10: Deliverable and Finally Results

Jun 03, 2022

Hello! This week has been an extremely exciting week for me, I have completed so many checkpoints and I’m beginning to work on my final presentation. 

I have completed the statistical analysis for all 3 of my subgroups this week. Because of my very minimal statistics knowledge, I not only had to learn about the tests themselves, but also figure out how to program them onto Google Sheets, and learn about what the results even mean. Dr. Mandi has been an excellent teacher, and through a combination of her teaching and my research I was able to narrow down the statistical tests to two t-tests, and one ANOVA test. Clearly, this research is extremely rudimentary, and the way that the categories were created were extremely arbitrary, so the results should not be accepted as factually true. 

While I found no statistical differences between the clients with varying primary languages, nor did I find any differences across the race/ethnicity category (will be furthered upon in my presentation), I did end up finding a significant difference between the IQ test scores of individuals from different levels of socio-economic status. The way Dr. Mandi and I categorized these clients into subgroups based upon Dr. Mandi’s personal knowledge of the families themselves, as well as through an overview of numerous different factors that may contribute to their economic level (eg. employment, place of residence, neighborhood of residence etc.). I spoke more about the various factors that went into categorizing these individuals in previous blog posts. After subgrouping, I performed an ANOVA test (basically tells you if there is any statistical difference between 3 or more independent groups), and got a p-value=0.05. For serious research, p<0.05 to be considered significant, however p=0.05 was significant for me to dive deeper into looking at differences between each pair of categories (1&2, 1&3, and 2&3) to figure out where the statistical difference was. In order to find this difference I conducted 3 t-tests with results: p= 0.57, p= 0.01, and p= 0.03 respectively. SO, I did end up finding a significant difference in IQ test results between the lowest and highest economic group as well as the middle and highest economic group. I was not expecting this research to have any significant results at all, and I was truly so happy to see this.

Additionally, I have also been working on my deliverable which is essentially a bunch of charts with explanations and descriptions that explain what the data (charts) show. I am almost done with that and should be finished today.

The last week will be fully dedicated to creating my presentation and rehearsing which I am excited for as I have so much to talk about on this subject, but I am also glad that I have adequate time to prepare and practice my speech.


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