Week 9: A Little Program Delay

May 31, 2022

Welcome back to my blog!

This week I was unfortunately not able to do the program due to an ankle injury. I was bedridden, so I was not able to make it over to New Rochelle. No worries though because I will be back for next week’s program! 

The senior project is starting to wind down as we fast approach graduation, so I have started thinking about my final research paper and senior project presentation. For my research paper, I aim to compose a piece that describes the best methods of teaching and experiments during my program and makes it so other organizations can either take inspiration or replicate my curriculum. I want STEM and science embraced more in afterschool programs, for STEM and science are the future. Thus, I will ensure that my paper is descriptive and accounts for positive and negative aspects that I observed during the program. Furthermore, my senior project on-site advisor, Aaron Williams (Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle Remington Clubhouse Director), will also provide insight for my research paper on what he thought were the positive and negative aspects of the program.

This week I have started to work on my post-survey. This will help me assess the effectiveness of the program and give me quantitative results of the program’s impact. It will be invaluable for my research paper and senior project presentation. Additionally, it will be interesting to see if the program influenced students in other ways besides getting more interested in math and science, such as increasing self-confidence in math or reading and writing. I look forward to seeing what influence the program has had on students! I am not totally sure what I will be doing this week for the program, but stay tuned! I look forward to reporting back soon!


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  1. Sid R. says:

    Sounds wonderful, Luc! Is there a teaching method that stands out to you at first glance? Will you be making separate surveys for elementary, middle, and high school students?

    1. Luc M. says:

      Hi Sid! Definitely doing hands-on projects and Project Based Learning (PBL) stands out the most to me. PBL involves doing student-led big projects, but I adapted it for my curriculum by doing weekly projects. I thought this would keep things more interesting and engaging for students. I will not be making separate surveys, for I wanted to gauge results on a general level. However, people will have to list their name, age, and grade on the survey, so I can analyze results based upon grade level. Thank you for the great idea!

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