Week Nine: Beginning Presentation Draft and Another Lab Day

May 29, 2022


This week was mostly used as preparation for my presentation. I began constructing a presentation with everything I did during the project and also began my deliverable for my project which will be a digital poster. 

Besides that, I had another disappointing day in the lab. The samples I was processing did not show up on the gel, and I wasted the DNA samples I took for about 9 participants. So because of that, I had to go and re-collect samples to run through the PCR once again. Madison and I think there was an error in what gel concentration we used. By using higher concentration of agarose and a lower run time, it didn’t give the PCR an optimal environment to show up. Next week, we hopefully go back to the successful PCR procedure we had 2 weeks ago, and mimic that but with a shorter gel run time, lower V/cm, and a lower concentration of agarose. Thankfully, everything else is running smoothly. Responses are starting to come in for my post-experiment survey, and I’m processing all of the testing results as well. 

These are the calculations I did for the gel concentration that did not work! Will be trashing this image from my camera roll lol.

Next week, I hope to see clean PCR results and be able to bring my project full circle

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  1. Luca S. says:

    Wow- seems like there’s a lot more problems in PCR testing than I could have imagined. I’m glad you’re starting to process the test results and the surveys, and I hope the tests finally come through! Good luck in these last few weeks!

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