Weeks 8 + 9

May 27, 2022


Unfortunately, 4th-grade students were online last week due to a COVID outbreak, so there was little information to present in a blog post.

However, this week provided many new conversations and essential lessons for students. On Tuesday, we were met with the devastating news of the Uvalde mass shooting. Students and teachers supported each other throughout the week, sharing conversations, reassurance, and reflection.

Additionally, teachers and administrators have noticed a trend in students making jokes about mental health and even suicide. Last Tuesday, students journaled about what they knew about mental health. Many of them expressed a limited understanding of it, while some knew almost nothing. On Thursday, Ms. Schickling led a very important conversation about mental health. It was an emotional conversation in which many students shared extremely personal stories and experiences. They also learned about triggers, and why it’s important to be careful about what they say.

I think this was an essential conversation to students’ understanding of mental health, and I’m hopeful that they understand the severity of it and feel comfortable reaching out to the adults around them.

Apart from those events, students wrote about the quote, “to have good friends you need to be one”, analyzing it and explaining what it means to them.

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