Week 9: Statistics and Considerable Textbook Reading

May 27, 2022

Hello! After a very busy week I am working on finalizing which demographic factors to measure against IQ, and I have settled upon 3 different categories: primary language, which I have divided into English speakers and multilingual individuals, race/ethnicity, which I am currently working on categorizing, and of course, socio-economic status, broken down into three different subgroups. The subgroups I have created are somewhat arbitrary, but relevant for the purpose of breaking down my data into different economic groups labeled 1, 2, and 3 in order of increasing wealth. I have created an estimation of the household income for each subgroup which will be shown in my final presentation. It is important to acknowledge the fact that even though the information I have collected has been divided into these different categories, the clients who visit this clinic are almost always middle or upper class. A lot of therapy, psychological and psychiatric aid are not supported by insurance, or regularly available at an affordable price. Even though I was already aware of the price of psychological aid before starting this project, regularly analyzing this type of data has only provided me with more clarity about how expensive these resources are. However, even though I do believe psychological aid is not easily accessible to the general public, I also don’t think the price range is unreasonable. There is a lot of time, dedication and thought put into each evaluation. Neuropsych testing in itself is about a 10 hour process, and that is before the tests are graded, before interviews, before writing the report. 

Returning back to the content of my project, I have read a lot about the WISC itself, as well as the history of IQ testing through various textbooks at Small Brooklyn, and so I feel pretty confident in my knowledge of the tests themselves, as well as what they are looking to test. To calculate most of the statistics for this project I will be using a combination of means and t-tests, and graphs. Each graph will give me a visual for which I will write a description, and together these components make up my final deliverable. 

See you next week!


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