Week 8: Big Production week

May 24, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, this past week I sat down and talked about gear, skills, and experiences with a world-class lifestyle and commercial photographer who has made a name for himself as one of the premier travel photographers. We talked about his shift from commercial to fine arts work, how he got his start in the photo world at a young age and his advice to future creatives looking to enter the field. We talked for about 4 hours in total with one of those hours being on camera. He gave me great insight into his recommendations for pursuing a creative career. My favorite part of our conversations was off-camera, but we talked about what he would do if he was in my position right now looking to do follow a similar career path to him and I found his advice to be really helpful and inspiring.

I also spent 3 days working with my onsite advisor where we planned out a big production shoot for buildings owned by a large real estate firm next week. We worked to coordinate and hire a crew of models, hair and makeup, and assistant photographers all to create a series of advertisement photos. These photos will be used as marketing material to show off the common areas and office spaces in this luxury high rise.

Next week I plan on working more with my internship as well as hopefully scheduling one or two more interviews before the end of this project.

Till Next week!


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