Week 8: Implications

May 18, 2022

The numbers and correlation I found shows a lot about the political future of this country. The results of this study don’t bode well for a future free of political violence, though better than the initial hypothesis. The positives shown by the results were that there was a lack of correlation for liberals in all cases and voter suppression in all cases. Cracking down on making sure liberals view elections are fair and that there is transparency to show that there isn’t voter suppression isn’t necessary for legislators, election boards, or law enforcement. This is especially good as voter suppression has been getting more mention in the news due to gerrymandering news in states like New York and Florida. 

The positives are limited though as what came from the school difference and conservatives imply more work needs to be done. While it may seem innocuous at first that there is no school difference, it shows that proximity to acts of political violence and dealing with its repercussions do not lower one’s score for political violence. This means that if political violence is on the rise, people will not react against it. Direct action must be taken to combat support for political violence as seeing how bad it can get and what it can mean for one’s community is not enough. 

Most concerning though is how conservatives feel. It shows that belief in conspiracy relating to elections is a large factor in how they feel about political violence. It shows that results of studies like the PublicMind poll pose a large danger to this country as conspiracies are no longer in the realm of just believing in stuffed ballot boxes but to ideas of the deep state rigging elections in such a way that violence is the only solution. While liberals may not have to be targeted, conservatives must be shown transparency in the electoral process in order to make sure they know that elections are not rigged.  If election boards, legislators, and law enforcement can keep conservative faith in elections high either through transparency or simply teaching about the electoral systems in schools, political violence can be limited.

These implications aren’t perfect though. There were some serious limitations that I will address next week.

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