Week 7: Preparing for more interviews

May 17, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, This past week I spent preparing for my most significant interview yet with a world-renowned photographer which will be recorded next week. I also spent the last week beginning to assemble the clips from the previous interview I had recorded in post-production software. I spend a few hours in a photoshop file drawing out the order of interviews and voiceovers I would like to use as of now. I will need to spend more time in the coming weeks filming and scripting out voiceovers as well as creating a short narrative that will lead the video from interview to interview. In that regard, I was thinking about using video shots of me walking around manhattan and traveling on the subway to serve as the visual part that will house the voiceovers that will introduce each person before the interview with them is played. A small issue I’ve run into with my interviews so far is that I’m not recording my own audio when I ask the questions in these interviews so I need to come up with a way to show the questions that they are answering before each response.

I additionally spent 3 full days this week working with my senior project off-site advisor once again, this week we worked on learning different color theory tricks in order to enhance an image by introducing and reducing different complimentary colors in the shadows and highlights of an image. Next week he plans to teach me on the more business side of the business with copyrights, contracting, and invoicing; not the most exciting thing in the world to talk about in a blog meant to be entertaining but I’m excited as it’s topics I don’t know much about. We worked through using different lightroom plug-ins as well to edit exteriors and panoramic images (images that are multiple photographs taken from different angles that are stitched together) as well as for fun on Friday we watched the new Kendrick Lamar Music video for The Heart Pt. 5 and tried to figure out the way that they were able to smoothly transition from deepfake to deepfake without clear jumps. One of my new favorite ways to learn new photography and cinematography styles is to take final products like music videos, movies, and TV then work backward and try to first figure out how they edit and shoot them first then search online for behind the scenes videos to see how close I was. I’ve found this method has helped me learn very unique styles that are somewhat niche in their applications but can be adapted for my own work (it also makes a good conversation piece when these videos come up)

Till next week!


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