Week 6: More on-site experience

May 12, 2022

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog, this last week I worked more with my off-site advisor as we took off on another shoot. This time we got roof access to a building across the street from their client’s building. We worked all day to capture angles of the building from around the block with both photographs and video. I was responsible for taking a hero timelapse of the building. I decided to use my gimbal to pan across Park Ave and then up the building to show it off. A hero shot will show off the building in its entirety and my off-site advisor taught me to use this camera move to show off the area surrounding the building as well as the entire building in detail. I learned that using a tighter lens with a move will be a better choice than a wider lens that’s static because the wide lens loses a lot of detail and creates a lot of negative space. Additionally, I began to storyboard out and create a script for the voiceover of my final video. I plan on interviewing 1-2 people next week as well as continue shooting footage to cut between.

Next week I plan on continuing my work with my off-site advisor as well as reaching out to more creatives to hopefully schedule a few more interviews in the final weeks of this project.



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