Week 5: In the Field Experience

May 04, 2022

Hi Everyone!

This last week I spent a lot of time with my internship and got to go alongside on a few ridealongs for their project shoots. We worked on photographing the exteriors and interiors of a building off of Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. We spent most of the day working outside but for sunset, we got roof access to a skyscraper across the street where I helped to set up and operate cameras shooting moving time-lapses facing the building of focus. The point of this shoot was to highlight the area around the building and it was really exciting to be around a small crew working to capture all the angles the client wanted.

Later that week I continued to read through the data report I had talked about in a previous post ( I didn’t realize how long 90 pages of data is ) and began to footmark important sets and demographics that are the most relevant to my project. I feel this source is going to be my main citation as it has more data on camera sales, market data, camera brand usage, and the development of new cameras than any other source I’ve found combined. I’ve made it through about half of this document on my second time reading it much more carefully and annotating as I read through it and hope to have my citations for my final deliverable done in the next two weeks.

Additionally, on top of getting to attend a shoot firsthand, my off-site advisor helped to get me on another shoot, this time a bit higher than the skyscraper. I went up with an aerial photographer in a helicopter over midtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn and that was easily one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to experience. The helicopter had doors off so that he was able to take photos and video out of it which made it an even more unique and memorable experience. I got a chance to practice taking aerial photos of a client’s building as well as landscapes from 2300 feet in the air.

Next week I plan to reach out to more people to be interviewed, continue my work with my internship, and solidify plans to interview people who have expressed interest.

Till next week!


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  1. Szymon S. says:

    Good job on the new source! Also, that helicopter ride sounds sick!

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