Week 4: Coding

Apr 27, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!

This week I implemented a much more efficient way to calculate large exponents into my code, which is crucial to decrypting messages encrypted with RSA and making the algorithm practical. My computer can now computer absurdly large exponents extremely quickly, and now the main problem my code lies in generated large primes quickly (important so that larger messages can be encrypted and decrypted, as well as making the encryption more secure). In this realm I have also made progress though. By simply incorporating 1 Fermat primality test (of a=2), the time it takes for my code to generate 10,000 11 digit primes falls to less than 3 seconds as compared with 11.5 seconds without a primality test.

I am also still trying to see how infinite summation can be redefined for divergent series, but have not had much success so far.

I also secured an on site placement wit the gracious help of Ms. Goldfarb. Next week I will be looking into articles that professor Stephen Mildenhall from St. John’s University has recommended that I read.

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  1. Murphy K. says:

    This looks great so far. I’m glad you found an on-site placement. With the Fermat primality test, doesn’t this locate on probable primes? If so, how will you differentiate between probable primes that are actually primes and “Fermat liars” (probable primes that aren’t primes)?

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