Week 4: Earth Week!

Apr 26, 2022


This week I met with my On-Site Mentor, Mr. Mandeville. He directed me towards a book called “Yardsticks: Child Development Ages 4-14”. In researching and reading this book, I learned about the issues with American education culture.

The book discusses the consequences of common practices used in American education culture. Children at this age do not benefit from forced uniformity in content, increased implementation of assessments, or such high standards for test performance. Instead, there should be a growing focus on the skills that are often neglected for the core subjects. “Imagination, Play, Creativity, Scientific Curiosity, [and] Reading for Pleasure” are all important aspects to the elementary experience.

The book highlights that while curriculum understanding is important, understanding children and child development should be held to a higher standard. Should educators be taught about child development to the same degree that they are taught about their subject? This book brings many questions to explore about the processes and systems of education.

In addition to reading “Yardsticks”, I continued to get to know students, planned some SEL lessons for next week, and led an awesome Earth Day activity. Students sorted recycling items in a relay race after school on Friday and had so much fun!

See you next week!

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