A two week project recap.

Apr 21, 2022

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry for not posting last wednesday. A lot has been going on regarding me and my project progress. Essentially, I’ve made good progress regarding setting up interviews, and beginning to collect a sizeable amount of survey and interview data, which I can analyze to determine the similarities and differences in ethnic perceptions on gentrification. All in all, a lot of work, a lot more to do, and, as per the usual Stas work ethic, I am behind schedule. However, I am confident that I can get my project in working order. 

Some observations so far have been that people really do not like signing forms, the Hasidic community really does not like talking to random people who pester them (maybe that’s just a personal grudge against me), and that Northern Brooklyn is a microcosm of different worlds existing alongside each other. For example, it took me 10 minutes of walking to go from Vespucci (Italian) way to Puerto Rico way, made more curious by both being sections of the same Avenue. 

Regardless, this has been an interesting, if frustrating experience. I plan to have a detailed blog post dedicated to each of the ethnic enclaves I cover in my project; I hope to upload these weekly once I am finished with my main paper. In the meantime, here are some photos I thought represented something meaningful, pertinent, or just entertaining, which relates to my project. 







From top left to bottom right: 

1. A Hasidic ad for a car service, presenting a shtreimel adorned car. 

2. A goat being shown of to Hasidic school children. 

3. Proof that I have in fact visited Puerto Rico. 

4. A “gentrified” coffee shop, which an interviewee jokingly referred to as “never having been graced with a Polish customer. “

See you all next week!

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