Week 3: Beginning of Merchant Survey Data Entry

Apr 19, 2022

Hi everyone!

This week I turned my attention toward hearing the perspective of business owners throughout Chinatown. My on site advisor, Alice Liu, took me around Chinatown and showed me how to approach business owners and ask them about their business operations and how they have been impacted by COVID-19. I had the opportunity to hear their experiences and then recorded it down on paper surveys so that we could analyze patterns among store owners and also use it as data for the Commercial District Needs Assessment. I am really excited by this opportunity because now I get to hear the problems from the merchants and hear from them what could alleviate their struggles and solutions that can be made possible by the city’s involvement.

The merchants we are speaking to range from book store owners to bus service operations to restaurant owners. I am glad how comprehensive this study is because we are covering all kinds of businesses in Chinatown and making sure their struggles are getting recognized and that they will be supported. From the surveys I have conducted so far, I have observed trends among things the business owners have said. The majority of surveys shared the similar struggles that COVID has cut their staff, rent is difficult to afford, and frustration over the homelessness issue and safety in the neighborhood.

Next week, I will put the data from our paper surveys onto a spreadsheet so that I can look over all the data and identify patterns. Through my work, I am getting a better grasp of understanding the struggles of individual businesses across Chinatown and what change can be enacted. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Daniela S. says:

    I love the choice of taking a comprehensive approach to interview process as you’ve interviewed people from a variety of jobs and you are collecting data that can be analyzed for patterns. I think it’s also very interesting that your subjects experience quite similar challenges due to COVID.

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