Week 3: Dealing with Conflict

Apr 14, 2022


This week I learned a lot about the students. As 4th graders they are still learning to regulate their emotions and verbalize their feelings. I’ve learned that a few in particular have more trouble in doing this than others.

I wasn’t expecting to deal with tears anytime soon, but earlier this week I had an unfortunate encounter with a student. While I thought we were joking, the student got very upset and misunderstood the intentions of the situation. This same student has a tendency to use physical and aggressive actions to combat conflict, so this was a perfect time to teach him about SEL. I was instructed to pull him out of class and lead a conversation with him. I asked him to share his feelings about what had happened, so we could establish where things went wrong.┬áTo my surprise, he did exactly that, and the situation quickly simmered down to a simple apology.

In addition, I decided to do a game of Jeopardy with them during AE. I got to learn about their interests, ranging from their favorite soccer players, to the coolest science facts they knew. I helped them study for their science test, do activities in drama, and teach the current events lesson for their history class!

Thanks for reading!

2 Replies to “Week 3: Dealing with Conflict”

  1. Clara V. says:

    Glad you resolved this conflict Yazzy! I wonder if the length that students have SEL could make a difference with their regulation and verbalization skills.

  2. Luca S. says:

    Wow “Yasmin”! Seems like you kiiinda have a lot on your plate, haha. I’m glad you were able to resolve this conflict and help the student share his emotions with you. Keep up the great work!

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