Weeks 1 + 2: Learning About Students

Apr 12, 2022

Hi everyone!

While I was unable to meet with students this week, last week I got the chance to spend 2 whole days with the students of 4 Silicon. I worked with their LET to organize their grade recipe book, as well as looking over their detailed projects on inspiring women for Women’s History Month.

As I observed their core classes: Math, Science, History, and English, I learned the different strengths of students. I’m eager to help students struggling to improve, in addition to helping thriving students excel in their classes. For example, every Tuesday and Friday, I help Hudson, a student very interested in math, with the “Nerdle”, a complex math game that changes daily.

Over the week that I was away, I worked closely with Ms. Nalipinski to review possible questions for the initial assessment of students, as well as a potential grading rubric that will be finalized and implemented by next week.

See you next week!

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  1. Clara V. says:

    Yazzy this sounds so cool! I love your focus on SEL learning in the younger grades. I can’t wait to see what you find.

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