Week 2: Preproduction Continued

Apr 08, 2022

Hi Everyone and welcome back to my blog,

This week was spent continuing preproduction and getting ready for my first interview on camera which should be next week. This week I reached out to 3 more potential interviewees and discussed setting up a time to record an interview, One of which I met for coffee in the lower east side. A 7$ small chai latte later, we were talking through his experiences as both a photographer and photo retoucher. He began his professional career working for the Woodstock center for photography where he became the manager of their photo lab. He worked with large-format photographs by both retouching and printing them before also helping in the production of gallery installations of Woodstock, one of the most prestigious in the world. We talked about his expertise in retouching as well as getting photographs gallery-ready with both the film and digital mediums and how he had to adapt his skillset to adjust to the digital revolution. I believe that his insights would be very helpful in illustrating the changes in the commercial media production and his comfort both in front of and behind the lens will help to make these filmed interviews come off as less awkward in the final piece.

This weekend I plan to finalize the questions I’ll be asking during my interviews so I can send out general topics I’ll be asking about beforehand to give interviewees a chance to prepare. A small oversight on my part was overlooking how challenging creating a survey to send out, I was planning to use Google forms or some equivalent but I was not happy with the way it categorizes data nor how it looks aesthetically. So to overcome this I created a proof of concept to use my website hosted on my own server to serve as a proprietary interface for people to input their answers to my survey in a way where I can control every aspect of the design and integration. Answers will be organized in a way that automatically creates graphs without having to export data sets.

Next week I plan to schedule as many interviews as I can and begin to roughly storyboard out what I want this final documentary to look like as if I have an idea of what shape it should be in I can plan out when to shoot each scene.

Till next week!



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