Week 2: Data Extraction Ideas

Apr 08, 2022

Welcome back. This week was a pretty standard one. Small Brooklyn is currently transitioning between data collection platforms, and the work I did this week helped ease that transition; this involved handling credit cards and learning about diagnostic codes. I thought it was particularly interesting to note the most frequent diagnoses, which included general anxiety and various forms of ADHD, and it intrigued me whenever I found a condition I had never heard of before. These are not limited to just psychological disorders but include F50.82, known as avoidant/restrictive food disorder, or Q96 known as Turner’s Syndrome.

While that was fun, I had my first opportunity to independently score a BASC-2 parent questionnaire. This test is mostly responsible for providing an evaluation of a child’s emotional state and their subsequent behavior patterns, which was super interesting. After speaking with my on-campus advisor Ms. Bennett, I will also be sifting through  a list of different books (and hopefully choosing one) to help further my knowledge of cognition and psychology.  

My next steps are to figure out how to catalog all the data I am presented with through Small Brooklyn’s “background survey” and how to ultimately compile that into my final deliverable. Additionally, past questionnaires never explicitly asked about a patient’s socio-economic status, a factor I am particularly interested in studying. I will have to think about various ways to extract the information that I want to analyze from the data that has been collected. 


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  1. Yasmin B. says:

    Wow Katie! This looks super cool! Can’t wait to hear more about other books on children’s emotional states and behavior patterns!

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