Week Two: Analyzing the COMT Polymorphism

Apr 07, 2022

Hey all, this week was super lab intensive. I started off by locating and analyzing the genetic sequence I would be sequencing for my experiment. My advisor and I are using Benchling to map out the sequence and create primers. Primers are used for DNA sequencing to target the specific sequence for amplification. In order to carry out DNA sequencing, you essentially need primers to show what portion of the DNA that needs to be read. I also went into the lab to order the restriction enzyme I need for the DNA sequencing. Restriction enzymes are used in PCR reactions to facilitate the amplification of the target sequence you’re analyzing. Lastly, I created and sent out the pre-experiment survey for my participants in order to understand their relationships with test taking and breathing exercises before I begin the experiment.

Below, I’ve attached an image of the sequence I am analyzing on Benchling. You can see the amino acids are highlighted by different colors below all of the bases. The restriction enzyme (NLaIII) I will be using is highlighted in orange, and the primers are seen above and below the sequence.  

Overall, this week was about obtaining the reagents and materials I’ll need for DNA extraction and sequencing. Next week once the primers arrive, I’m going to test run the DNA collection and sequencing with my own genetic information before taking samples from my participants. 

Thanks for reading!


2 Replies to “Week Two: Analyzing the COMT Polymorphism”

  1. Luca S. says:

    Wow Clara! I can barely tell what’s going on in these photos you attached, but it seems very interesting! Excited to see what you discover in the human genome and how it relates to the surveys you conducted in your participants!

  2. Yasmin B. says:

    Wow Clara! This is awesome! Seems really intensive like you said… I totally remember the allele stuff from biology class! Keep up the good work.

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