Week 1: Preproduction begins

Apr 01, 2022

Hi Everyone, welcome back to my blog!

Over spring break and the past week, I’ve been compiling a spreadsheet of contact information for people that I looking to interview for my documentary. I intend to spend the weekend and first few days next week reaching out to these contacts and will begin to schedule my interviews over the next month from there. I have already reached out to 8 creative professionals ranging from creative directors to cinematographers. 3 have expressed interest in my project and I will make sure to follow up with them in the coming days.

This week marks the third week of my onsite work with my advisor, Franklin Abreu. I’ve been learning to retouch interior, exterior, and aerial real estate and architecture photos as well as learning what camera equipment works for each job. Franklin has been helping me to collect more contacts that he has worked with throughout his professional career. Something unexpected that I’ve encountered so far is how exponential the number of people that each person I reach out to would know. I had one cinematographer write back saying that he was too busy with work to be interviewed but he forwarded my request along to a dozen or so cinematographers that he’s worked with in the past.

In terms of filming my actual documentary, I intend to start shooting B-roll (Video footage to show for context to break up long talking shots during and between interviews) and cityscape shots to serve as an introduction part that will be narrated over. For those curious, I plan to shoot all of this footage on my Sony A7iii primarily on my 24-70mm lens with occasional shots using my 14mm and 85mm. I have a colleague I’ve worked with in the past who offered to let me use his RED Komodo or Scarlet cameras which are cinema cameras used to shoot Hollywood movies.

As I interview and sit down to talk with creative professionals I plan to bring them coffee as a hospitality gesture to thank them for taking the time to sit down with me. As these creative professionals are located all around New York City I plan to update this blog with my favorite coffee shops from each neighborhood I travel to.

Until next week,


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