Week 0: Introduction

Mar 30, 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome to my senior project blog.

My name is Soren, and I enjoy doing math, playing piano, hiking and learning about economics. I am a student at BASIS Independent Brooklyn and participate in a math program every Saturday called Math-M-Addicts.

For my senior project, I will be exploring if and how the definition of summation can be changed to apply to divergent sums (infinite sums that do not converge to a specific value or tend towards infinity). I will also be looking at how this math could be applied to cyber security.

2 Replies to “Week 0: Introduction”

  1. Soren D. says:

    Sorry, I thought I hadn’t posted this before because I couldn’t find my first post on the website, and now I can’t delete this post.

  2. Danny D. says:

    Your project seems really interesting I’m excited to see how it progresses

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