Week 0: Introduction

Mar 18, 2022

Hi Everyone! My name is Danny Dolan and for my senior project, I will be exploring the evolution of commercial media production in the advertising space. Outside of my schoolwork, I work professionally as a photographer and cinematographer working predominantly in real estate photography and video work as well as selling prints in art shows across Long Island.

My professional work is all done in the digital medium, however, during the pandemic, I picked up shooting and developing my own film in my basement. From there I became very interested in how before the digital revolution creative professionals working in the film medium as well as how the workflows around it have changed since then. For my project, I will be exploring how and why this shift occurred by interviewing creative professionals (including but not limited to: Directors, Cinematographers, Producers, etc.) and conducting self-guided research online which will cumulate into a documentary I will produce over the next 3 months. For a more in-depth explanation of my project please see my senior project proposal HERE


-Danny Dolan

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  1. Soren D. says:

    Danny! I am excited to learn from you about how commercial advertising has changed over time. I’m sure you will wind up answering some things that have puzzled me about modern advertising. Good luck!

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