Week 0: Introduction

Mar 18, 2022

Hello and welcome to my blog! 

My name is Elizabeth Sid. For my senior project, I will explore how we can use sustainable agriculture technology to feed our growing population. I will be interning at Cold Spring Harbor (link below). During this project, I will research what technologies are currently being used and what the future of agricultural technology is, as well as the evolving relationship between scientists and consumers. For my research, I will be conducting a literature search and interviewing plant scientists about their expectations for the future of agriculture.

Educational Internship Site: https://www.cshl.edu/research/faculty-staff/david-jackson/

3 Replies to “Week 0: Introduction”

  1. Daniela S. says:

    I love how you uniquely chose to research both the developing realm of agricultural technology as well as the interaction between science and consumers. I think these topics are very necessary to study in today’s world especially as plant science heavily relates to various large industries such as the prescription drugs industry, the oil and coal industry, and the food market.


  2. Courtney H. says:

    Iza, this project sounds exciting! I am excited to hear about your insights and research on the future of agriculture and its intersection with technology.

  3. Sofia C. says:

    Iza, this project sounds incredible! I’m looking forward to learning about your research regarding sustainable agriculture technology, and additional information you may discover during your research.

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