Week 10: Conclusion

Jun 22, 2021

Hey everyone!

It has been a great 10 weeks researching and blogging for my senior project. I write this final blog post to thank everyone that has been apart of this journey and helping me strive for greatness. I want to thank Dr. Lisa for being an amazing faculty advisor and helping me step by step through this senior project. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing from the beginning but Dr. Lisa definitely helped me persevere through the hurdles. I would also like to thank Ms. Fort for providing me with the information to carry out my senior project. She has been an amazing on-site advisor.  I would also like to thank BASIS Independent Brooklyn for providing us seniors the chance to develop our skills as future researchers.

I initially came into this senior project thinking I knew a great amount of the subject I was researching however, I was incorrect. I also came into this senior project with a bias towards Ableton live, and thought it was the best digital music platform for children to use with ASD, but I was also proven wrong with this bias of mine. In fact, I learned that SoundTrap and Garage Band were the best for children with ASD due to their collaborative features and easy to use interfaces. As you can tell, I’ve learned very much from this experience and have been proven otherwise in many situations with my pre-existing biases.

As I conclude my project, I want share my presentation with you.



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