Concluding My Research

Jun 22, 2021

Last Wednesday, I presented the research I conducted over the past two and a half months to the Senior Project Committee, my teachers, and my family.

However, my work does not stop here: this research is a gateway for the development of the next iteration of my app, Gieia. Thus, this presentation may have been a final presentation of my research over the past few months, but for me it served as an indicator that the gateway to the next phase of Gieia is open and ready to be explored!

As I conducted my research, I learned about teens’ experiences using Gieia and received feedback regarding potential future modifications. Thus I was imbued with an enhanced incentive to continue modifying Gieia to ensure its acceptability for its teenage audience.

As I delved back into the core of Gieia’s code by modifying Gieia’s algorithms, I was once again reminded of my passion for computer science due to its innate problem solving. 

I am also very grateful for the opportunity which this research provided me with to work with and learn from my mentor, Dr. El-Jawahri. Dr. El-Jawahri was vital to my understanding of data collection (and its impact) in the realm of healthcare as well how one must conduct user research in mental health in order to glean the most data and most useful data.

Furthermore, I immensely enjoyed working with and learning from Ms. Das outside of the classroom as my mentor. I hope to consult and share with Ms. Das future iterations of Gieia as I develop them in order to gain further insights and feedback!

All in all, this research also allowed me to further develop Gieia and thus explore a project which I am immensely passionate about within the constructs of the academic year, an opportunity which has been vital to Gieia’s success and next steps.

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