Week 9: Google Analytics

Jun 18, 2021

This week was spent analysing the data from the three websites. A couple of days after the three different websites were sent out and the people who received them spent some time looking through the websites, I was able to start to analyse the results from google analytics. 

Once I had all the data points I had to learn how to use google analytics. It took some time to learn how to use the platform and how to read the raw data that google analytics tracks across the three websites. The reason I choose to use google analytics is because it is able to track the clicks as well as the hoovers on an item. Google analytics allowed me to see how many clicks each website received, hoovers it received as well as max scrolls on the website. It also allowed me to see which items were clicked as well as how many times an item was clicked. 

The following are the general statistics I got from all three websites. In total there were 71 total actions taken. Total action includes clicks and hovers over an item. The ‘control’ group had 50 total actions taken. The ‘no price’ group received 21 total actions. The ‘information’ group received 30 total actions. 

The next piece of data that I looked at was how many times each item was clicked on in each of the three different websites. There were 66 items of clothing on each page which led to low clicks overall, most items were only clicked one time. However there were some items that were clicked several times. 

After looking through all the raw data I came to several conclusions about the reason why the data looked the way it did. As well as several conclusions on how sustainability can become the number one criteria teenagers use when buying clothing. 

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  1. Kamie A. says:

    I look forward to hearing about the final conclusions derived from the data you gleaned! How do you plan to apply your findings regarding how sustainability can be the primary criteria utilized by teens when buying clothing to future projects?

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