Week 10: Creating my final presentation!

Jun 03, 2021

This week I returned to my Senior Project Defense Presentation and modified it to create my Senior Project Final Presentation. Upon returning to my defense presentation, it was quite shocking for me to contemplate that the research which I had laid out in this presentation was now complete!   

I began by outlining the aspects of my defense presentation which would require modification in order to suit the guidelines for the final presentation. To do so, I referred to the final presentation guide in the Senior Project manual. Thus I determined that I would need to modify my Results, Research Experience, Analysis, and Conclusion slides. While it was relatively simple to create the Research Experience, Analysis, and Conclusion slides, the Results slides were slightly more difficult to create. 

The difficulty in creating the Results slides lay in that I wasn’t sure how I could present all my user research results – both qualitative and quantitative – in an organized manner which did not overwhelm the listeners with information yet present all relevant findings. Furthermore, it was slightly difficult to determine what amount of text would be appropriate so that the information was available yet not disruptive to the presentation flow. However, as I continued modifying the Results slides, I believe that I was able to present my user research results in an appropriate and organized manner while outlining all relevant findings.

Next week, I look forward to practicing presenting my final presentation and making changes accordingly in preparation for the senior project presentation rehearsals.

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