Week 8: Finalizing the websites

Jun 01, 2021

This week was spent finalizing the three websites. Doing things like adding general text, styling the website. One way is adding different colors to the text as well as fonts. Another way is arranging the way the items are presented on the page. When the items were uploaded from the google sheet they were arranged alphabetically on the website. I decided to rearrange them in terms of color since it is more aesthetically pleasing and easier to disgust, capturing more of the audience’s attention. 

In addition, I had to do some last-minute editing to the descriptions of the product. Some of the descriptions were too long and on the website the text fell off the page and was too hard to see. I cut down the descriptions to around 10 words each. In doing this it also levels the playing field a little more because all the items have the same amount of information as opposed to some having three sentences and others five words. 

A detail that was figured out this week was what to tell people when they received the websites. In addition to telling them to browse the website for around 10 minutes, I decided to ask them to envision creating a look for themselves or a friend etc. The thinking behind asking them to create a look as opposed to simply browsing with no purpose was for two reasons. Firstly, it gives them a purpose for looking as well as making them a more conscious browser so maybe they would pay attention more to details in the clothing as well as in the description. The second reason being that there are 65 items in total, I wanted items to have multipule clicks. I was concerned that because there were so many items there wouldn’t be enough data to analyze if people only looked at tops for instance. By asking them to create a whole look they would only pick one top, making the data hopefully more comparable.

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  1. Kamie A. says:

    I think that the idea to instruct people who received the websites to envision creating an outfit for themselves or a friend is a great way to engage them with the websites!

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