Week 7: Making micro adjustments

Jun 01, 2021

This week was spent editing the google sheet so that the items could be successfully uploaded onto the server. Making micro adjustments through trial and error to be able to successfully upload all the product information and the correct photo to the website.

One of the problems I faced was some of the photos didn’t upload, so there was all the other information like the price or description and the name of the product but there was no photo. Another problem I ran into was that the photo that uploaded didn’t match the correct description. 

Through trial and error I was able to figure out that one google sheets feature that was causing some of the photos to not match the description was, in google sheets if the link that is imputed doesn’t work it will pull from a previous link that was in the same box. Even if the link is no longer present in the box it will remember it and use it if the current link in the box is faulty. To solve this problem I simply had to remove the formatting. 

To deal with the problem of the photos simply not uploading to the website I figured out it was due to a couple of issues. Some brands like Zara make it hard to copy their images, to combat this problem I used a website called “imgur” which allowed me to successfully copy images from zara’s website and ultimately upload the images to the website. 

Another issue I faced was that some brands had moving images as their model photos. This means that when you click on an image containing the photograph of the item it is more like a short video than an actual photograph. This element made it difficult to copy the image address, so I was able to copy the image address from the thumbnail and successfully upload it to my website. 

All the problems I faced when trying to upload the items from my google sheet to the website were solved with simple solutions. It took time to figure out the root of the problem and figure out the solution.

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