Week 6: Creating different versions of the website

Jun 01, 2021

This week was spent finalizing the three different versions of the website. Originally I wanted to do five versions of the website that would have different items in each but, since I decided to have each version include the same items, doing five versions of the “stores” was too many variables.  

I decided the control group is going to receive the clothing items as well as the price. The control group is receiving the closest version to a typical online shopping experience. They are simply receiving the image of the item, the name of the iteam and the price. They will not be receiving the brand of the item. The reason behind this is to try to eliminate as many preconceived notions people may have about a brand and therefore the item of clothing from that brand. 

The second group will receive “version b”, this version eliminates price. The group will receive the same items as the control group and the name of the item but they will not receive the price. The thinking behind this is to see what happens when price is taken out, and the items are put on a more level playing field. Price is a big factor when purchasing an item of clothing and by taking out that barrier the items can be compared on an aesthetic level. This version is aimed at seeing if people would even buy sustainable clothing for the aesthetic. People won’t know which items are sustainable but with the massive range in prices eliminated it will be interesting to see if people simply like clothing from sustainable brands.

The third group will receive “version c’, which adds product information as a variable. One aspect of sustainable fashion that is critical is education. Knowing which materials are less environmentally destructive than others, where a piece of clothing is produced, who made it ect. In this version, I will include a short description under the product summarizing how it is made or the sustainable practices the brands advertise they use. The items from mainstream brands however don’t have sustainable practices so the description under the product will have the materials it is made out of and the wording that brand uses to try to present themselves in a more sustainable way.

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