Week 5: Google sheets

Jun 01, 2021

This week was spent working on putting the items into a google sheet. The step is necessary so the items can be uploaded to the final website. The google sheet included a couple of categories that will be important for later on. This was a tedious task that took quite some time to make sure everything was imputed correctly. 

This week was also spent brainstorming how best to advertise the different stores. These stores were originally going to be only made of sustainable items. However, I decided to include non sustainable items from more mainstream stores. I decided to do this to see what people gravitated towards when they have sustainable items and non sustainable items side by side. Having the two intermixed would allow me to see how sustainable items measure up to mainstream items. One category where a comparison could be drawn between the two groups is aesthetically. Sustainable brands fall into the category of “slow fashion” as opposed to “fast fashion” so I want to see if sustainably made items could compete with clothes from fast fashion brands that are able to keep up with trends more quickly. 

Another reason for including items from non sustainable stores was for price diversity. One barrier to sustainable fashion is the price tag that often accompanies these items, having both mainstream and sustainable items allows a wider range in prices as well as creating a more real world scenario.

Now that I had the complete list of items I had to finalize the different versions of the stores I would create. The “store” is a website where all the items are listed and there will be three different versions of them. The different versions each have a unique variable but they all have the same items. Originally I wanted to have different items for each site but I realized that that would be introducing too many variables into the equation.

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