Week 9: Creating my final report!

May 30, 2021

This week I compiled the final report for my research!

I began the week by reviewing my document of qualitative user research findings and compiling findings which were thematically associated. Once all findings were grouped within their associated themes, I reviewed the document once more and highlighted all findings which were supported by a majority of the participating teen stakeholders. Thus, I completed my document of key qualitative user research findings.

My next step was to translate these key qualitative user research findings into a table within my final report. Thus I created a table within the final report which included two columns: one for the thematic finding derived from my user research and one for the supporting quotation for this theme. 

Next, I moved on to my quantitative user research findings which are based on the multiple choice answers which teens selected for each question within the user research interview guide. As you may recall from previous blog posts, I was previously unsure of the best means of representing these quantitative findings. However, upon speaking with my mentor last week, I received further clarification in displaying my user research findings in a digestible, clear, and organized manner as described below. 

I began by creating pie charts delineating my quantitative findings, and ensured to create pie charts which highlighted overall findings as well as those which were complementary to the findings displayed in the table of qualitative user research findings. 

Upon completing the creation of these eight pie charts, I returned to my spreadsheet of quantitative user research findings. As a clarification for those who may not have read my earlier blog posts, this spreadsheet includes each user research interview guide question along with each teen stakeholder’s selected multiple choice answer to each question. Teens’ selected multiple choice answers are represented in this spreadsheet in the form of an associated numerical value. Thus, in order to represent this spreadsheet of quantitative user research findings in the final report, I created a table of the most relevant and interesting findings which includes two columns: one featuring the interview guide questions and another with the associated mean and range of teen stakeholders’ answers to these questions. 

I completed my final report by including two pie charts highlighting the characteristics of user research participants, specifically their age and gender distribution.

I look forward to creating my final presentation next week!

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