Week 8: Finishing Analyzing User Research Interview Transcripts!

May 25, 2021

This week I finished analyzing the user research interview transcripts. Unfortunately, this process was quite a tedious one as I sought to note every aspect of teen stakeholders’ feedback. This perhaps exorbitant attention to detail unfortunately also means that many of the aspects of teen stakeholders’ feedback which I noted overlap thematically yet were noted as separate points due to slight conceptual variations. As a result, my next step will be to compile these various feedbacks and consolidate them as larger, encompassing themes. Thus I will be able to not only present a shorter document of user research findings, but also a more readable and understandable document. 

Another step I will take to create a shorter and more readable document of user research findings is to only include the teen stakeholder feedback which was supported by a majority of the participating teen stakeholders. 

However, I will also ensure to maintain a document containing all user research findings, including those which did not receive the support of the majority of teen stakeholders, as this will provide me with further feedback to learn from as I create the second iteration of Gieia in the future. 

A challenge which I continue to face and which I noted in my previous blog post is how I may create charts organizing the other aspect of my user research findings: delineating the aspects of Gieia which teen stakeholders responded positively and negatively to. Though the easiest method of creating charts delineating these findings would be to simply create a chart for each question, this would result in about eighty charts. Thus I would be presenting data in a manner that is not easily digestible. Another option would be to consolidate teen stakeholders’ responses to several questions into one chart, yet this poses an issue as each question touches on a different aspect of Gieia and was met with a different cumulative response from the teen stakeholders. I am consulting my mentor on this challenge, but will continue to consider potential solutions on my own in the meantime.

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