Week 7: Music My Way

May 25, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! This week I’ve been working on my website and scheduled some interviews with music therapists that Ms. Fort has worked with previously. My main focus this week is to finish up my website so that it is accessible for families to start using once my project is completely done. I used Wix.com to help create my website. It is an easy proxy for website creators to create their websites. At first I had a bit of difficulty with the settings of the website, but I watched a couple of videos to help me learn the layout quick and easy. Once I got a hang of how the website worked, I played around with the theme and fonts like any other website creator would. I probably spent way too much time on the aesthetics of the website than actually putting in information and content on the website.

On my website, I decided to name it Music My Way. I came up with this name through the inspiration of showing how much can be there for everyone. How music is constructed by the people and that music is unique to every individual in how they interact with instruments. I wanted to focus on providing information that is helpful for families that just had their child diagnosed with ASD. I created a section just for frequently asked questions which comes along with helpful articles or videos to answer the questions a family might have. In addition, I added a section for how to download digital music software for those who are interested in using the software as a medium to make music. The website is almost done just need to add a couple of small things to it. Next week, I’ll have the interviews recorded and posted onto the website to provide a perspective for families from a music therapist.

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