Week 7: Analyzing User Research Interview Transcripts

May 18, 2021

This week I began analyzing the user research interview transcripts and organizing the findings from the user research. 

First, I reviewed each teen stakeholder’s transcript and inputted the answers selected (of the three answer choices provided) for each interview question into the spreadsheet I previously created. Next week I will create charts that demonstrate which aspects of Gieia teens responded positively and negatively to based on this spreadsheet. 

Next, I reviewed the transcript once more and now noted teens’ responses to each interview question past their answer selection from the three answer choices provided. In order to glean concrete findings from these responses, I created a document organized based on the guidance of mentor, Dr. El-Jawahri. With sections for positive feedback, modifiable revisions, and recommendations for modifications, this document organizes teen stakeholders’ feedback along with any necessary supporting quotations. As I input each new piece of feedback into this document, I add a number beside it signifying the number of teen stakeholders who shared this feedback. Thus, when I complete the review of all the transcripts, I will be aware of what feedback was shared by a majority of teen stakeholders and this feedback will be that which is incorporated into the final findings of my research. 

Next week I look forward to creating the previously aforementioned charts as well as continuing to review user research transcripts as I finish compiling the document organizing teen stakeholders’ feedback. Once I complete the compilation of this document, I will begin considering how I will present these findings in my Senior Project presentation. 

An aspect which will require further consideration next week is the creation of the charts delineating the aspects of Gieia which teen stakeholders responded positively and negatively to.  I must determine the most organized manner to create and present these charts which conveys all necessary information without providing a barrage of charts. I look forward to unraveling this further next week.

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