Week 6: Consistency is Key

May 18, 2021

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to discuss about my recent survey that I shared last week. I’ve only been able to gather a couple of survey answers from generous music therapists. I was hoping I could gather more information for my research, but this is the reality when trying to get information from busy people! From my goal of getting at least ten responses I was only able to obtain four. As this was a disappointment, the therapists were generous enough to take time out of their day to be interviewed and ask more in depth questions about the music therapy scenery in New York City.

From this experience, I’ve learned how difficult it is to gather information through a survey based format. Especially when music therapists receive multiple emails from other organizations about filling out surveys. The best approach to connect with these music therapists is definitely to personally reach out and call their public work numbers to get an engagement on the spot. This approach is going to be an amazing skill to keep in the future.

What I will be doing with the survey information is put it on a website which families of New York City can easily access. I want families to be able to go on my website and find the information they need in regards to music therapy. The website is targeted towards families that just had their child diagnosed with ASD and wanted quick information to help with raising their child with ASD.

Next week I will be focusing on developing the website and the basic layout so I can share it later with you guys! In addition, I’ll be working with Ms. Fort to secure more interviews and survey responses from her network of music therapists in New York City.

Consistency is key!




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    Really nice content can’t wait to see the progress!

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