Week 5: Show Off the Survey!

May 11, 2021

Hello, my name is Tyler and I am a student at BASIS Independent Brooklyn conducting research for my senior project. I love everything about music and how it can help people. I know that music has helped me in my life, and I want to learn how it can help others. The purpose of my study is to evaluate the cognitive and social benefits music therapy has on children with ASD. This study will focus on the services offered in the area of Brooklyn for families with school age children with ASD to further the information that is accessible in the Brooklyn community, and test new resources such as digital music software to enhance music therapy education for children with ASD. This survey is made specifically for music therapists to answer that are working in NYC.

Hello everyone! It has been two weeks since I handed out my survey to music therapists. Above is a little description that I sent out to music therapists that came along with the survey.  Ms. Fort assisted me in distributing the survey out to her network of music therapists around New York City. Here are the questions that my survey consisted of:

What organization do you work with or a private practice?

What neighborhood/city and state do you work in?

What age groups do you work with?

How long are your music therapy sessions?

How often do you meet with your clients per week?

How accessible were resources for music therapy before your organization in your community? (Neighborhood, City)

Are you government funded or privately funded?

What are the advantages of individual vs group music therapy?

Do you use digital music platforms as a tool to engage students/clients, and/or do you use musical instruments?

If so, which musical softwares do you use?

Which software is more suitable for certain age groups and why?

What parts of that software make it easy to use for you and for the students? For example: friendly interface, collaborative vs non-collaborative, quality of sound bank

Name a software that was the least effective in engaging clients, and why was it ineffective?

Are you currently practicing tele-therapy or in person during COVID-19?





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