Week 4: Sending Out Surveys ( S.O.S )

Apr 28, 2021

Hello everyone! This week I finalized my survey to be sent out to the music therapists. I am excited to share the data I will be collecting from these surveys. The purpose of the survey is to gather vital information from music therapists based on their experience working in the field and recommendations on how we can make music therapy resources more accessible and affordable for families. I will potentially interview some of these music therapists to ask them more in depth questions regarding the subject of the survey. Because music therapists can be busy, I made sure to make the interview optional for those who are generous enough to spare some time in helping me with my senior project research.


Ms. Fort has also helped me connect with a potential on-site placement at the Nordoff-Robbins Center at New York University (NYU). During one of our meetings, Ms. Fort told me about the significance of the Nordoff-Robbins Center in the music therapy community and the work that has been done at the facility. Ms. Fort even sent me some articles and videos of the work done by music therapists to get a sense of the techniques and resources used at the Nordoff-Robbins Center. 


One video that I watched that I found very informative was a clinical trial with Dr. Alan Turry a music therapist who worked with Kate. Kate is a client who has ASD and was musically gifted prior to her lessons. This built a firm relationship between Kate and music and Dr. Turry described the goals he wants Kate to achieve from the time spent during the sessions. There were six trials which Dr. Turry set different goals for each session. Before the clips were shown of the session, the video would summarize the events that happened during the session and highlight key goals Kate has achieved through music intervention. The organization of the video really helped with my research. 

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