Week 4: Revising my qualitative interview guide and preparing for the interviews

Apr 23, 2021

At the beginning of the week, my mentor Dr. El-Jawahri provided feedback to my qualitative interview guide. Once I completed the prescribed revisions, I sent the interview guide back to my mentor for final approval. Now with my mentor’s approval, I look forward to utilizing it next week while conducting qualitative interviews with teen stakeholders.

My next step was to create a spreadsheet mapping the responses of each teen stakeholder to each question in the interview guide. 

Each question within the interview guide has three potential responses: one positive, one negative, and one neutral. In order to understand which aspects of Gieia teens positively responded to and which aspects teens negatively responded to, I created a key for the spreadsheet. In this key, each positive response is associated with the number one, each neutral response with the number two, and each negative response with the number three. Thus, upon completing the qualitative interviews, I will input for each teen stakeholder’s response to each question either a one, two, or three based on their selected response. This will provide me with a general idea as to which aspects the cohort of teen stakeholders as a whole positively and negatively responded to within Gieia, which will be beneficial as I create charts evidencing teens’ responses to aspects of Gieia. However, in creating these charts I will also ensure to consult teens’ responses aside from the selection of these response options. 

In order to further validate the interview guide’s content and to practice utilizing the guide, I ran through it with my father and found that it in fact touched on all necessary aspects. 

Lastly, I reached out to all participating teen stakeholders and scheduled individual interviews.

Next week, I look forward to interviewing all participating teen stakeholders with the qualitative interview guide and learning from their perspectives on Gieia.  

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