Week 4: A New Look At Kundalini Yoga

Apr 22, 2021

Yesterday was the first day out of the last month of doing my yoga course that I actually woke up at 6 am to do the session. Up until this point, I had been doing the recorded versions of the yoga which usually involved me waking up at around 10 and then slowly getting up and laying my yoga mat across my bedroom floor. Yesterday was different, though, and I woke up earlier than I had all year as I got up with the sun to do my regular work. This week’s theme has been all about the elevated emotions we feel during and after this course, and for me that emotion is clarity. The class that day ended as it usually does, with the teacher singing a song while I mumble my way through because I’ve forgotten the lyrics and also because I’ve known for years that I can’t sing. But before we left, we were told to write down the elevated emotion that we felt, at that very moment, and think more about that throughout the day as we continued to live our lives. As I went from playing basketball with friends to soccer practice on Randalls Island, I tried to find this sense of clarity that I feel after Kundalini yoga. While I feel other positive, elevated emotions after playing sports and hanging out with friends, there was not much clarity in my day after my morning session. I felt a different kind of gratitude at the end of yesterday, which was mostly due to the fact that I was able to identify that this Kundalini course was able to elevate the sense of clarity that I feel on a daily basis. 


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