Week 1: Learning how to use “Everywear”

Apr 11, 2021

The first week of the project was spent learning the intricacies of the platform that I will be using to conduct my experimentation with marketing sustainable fashion. I am going to use the platform, called “Everywear”. Everywear is the first e-commerce platform that is focused on creating a personalized shopping experience. I am going to use this platform to create different “shops”, each one marketing sustainability in a different way. This week was critical to understand the platform. I learned how to create different shops, how to individually design them, and how to publish them. I also was able to create different trail shops, in practice for launching the actual shop in the future. 

The way that the platform works is that there are links to different items of clothing. Right now the way that the shops are created is using the links from the database that is already on the site. I learned that due to the site being fairly new, the links are uploaded “manually”. This means that moving forward when I eventually create my own shop I will have to upload the links separately onto the database before creating my shop. Previously I thought that the links were simply uploaded from the web but, I learned that they need to be put into the database for the entire platform before being used for personalized shops. 

This week, I also attended two events in partnership with Everywear. The first being, meeting with other members of the inaugural, Everywear community. This session was focused on mastering the way the website works as well as the long term goals of the platform. The second session was a social media event that was focused on Everywear’s partnership with Macy’s and practicing ways to use the platform to create personalized shopping experiences for online shopping. 

3 Replies to “Week 1: Learning how to use “Everywear””

  1. Kamie A. says:

    This sounds very interesting and I’m really happy to see you intertwining your two passions for fashion and sustainability! What are some of the different ways that you plan to market sustainability in these different shops?

  2. Alex G. says:

    I will look forward to your project, and the concept of Everywear sounds pretty interesting.

  3. Jennifer V. says:

    I cant wait to learn more about this platform, it sounds so interesting and its so great to see you use fashion and take it to a new level.

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