Week 2: Collaborating With the Nursing Home

Apr 06, 2021

Contacting the Nursing Home

I had reach out to 6 nursing home so far, and I will continue to reach out to more nursing home. I had asked them that whether I may distribute my survey to seniors in the nursing home. Although China almost eliminate the COVID by strict control, I still could not enter the most of the nursing home, since it’s during COVID19, and seniors are the most vulnerable group.

Among the current 6 nursing home that I had reach out to, 2 of them rejected my request of distributing the survey in their place, and 4 of them said their manager will contact me within a week to discuss the details.

Each of those nursing home have 200-500 seniors vary by their size. My goal is to have at least 250 seniors take my survey, and it’s not very practical to make everyone in a nursing home take my survey, so it would be best if I collaborate with 3 or 4 nursing home, which might help me to achieve this goal.

Preparing the Survey

At the same time, I am spending time polishing my survey question and making the trial round of the survey. I am planning to hold a trial round for both group of age 40-60 and age above 60. My trial group will be at least 30 people for each age group.

After my trial round, I will make changes according to the feedback. At the last, I will create both printing version and online (wechat) version of the survey. Although the survey will be distributed through both physical and digital way, I will try my best to keep both version of the survey present in similar style and visual design in order to reduce the amount of errors in the results.


Collaborating With Expert

I made contact with a Mr.Zhong, executive of the orthopedist department in the biggest local hospital of Guiyang. He is willing to explain the difference between adults’ feet and bones compared to the ones of seniors.

However, although he is willing to help me in this research and help me with some medical questions, he does not want me to stay in hospital as doing a internship, because there is COVID protocols that discourage people without medical problems enter the hospital in order to reduce the spread of the disease from both patient and healthy ones. I was planning to have a few weeks internship in the hospital, but it might more likely turns into having an expert to answer my question without any first hand experience with patients.

2 Replies to “Week 2: Collaborating With the Nursing Home”

  1. Kamie A. says:

    I’m interested to see how you’ll utilize your compiled learnings from Mr. Zhong and the seniors to form a cumulative conclusion on next steps for your research as you apply the findings from a professional outlook, but also from the perspective of the target population. It will be interesting to see if perhaps your findings from Mr. Zhong and the seniors may potentially contrast.

  2. Asha W. says:

    It’s so inspiring to see how much progress you’re making! I hope you’re able to distribute your surveys, Brett. Keep up the great work!

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