Week 1: RHAP Workshop

Apr 02, 2021

Hey everyone! This week I’ve been in contact with Red Hook Art Project to plan for a new music workshop with William Matelski, who is a music teacher at the Red Hook Art Project. I am very ecstatic to work with him in the coming future as well as Tiffany Davis who is the director of the music program at RHAP. Due to COVID-19, a lot of opportunities to work with students in person are limited, so we found a solution to this issue by providing this workshop online via Zoom. Here is a basic outline of what we plan for the workshop to be. 


Digital Music Production Workshop 




This workshop will be a 5 week program teaching the basics of how to use Ableton Live for children between the ages of 12-17 to produce beats and have an outlet to express themselves through Ableton Live. I’d be able to teach two sessions per week after school when students are out and are able to sit in front of a computer and start making beats. The time of classes will still be determined, but we plan to have the class from 4:00-5:30pm.




Week 0

  • Students will download Ableton live free trial on their computers before their first session
  • We will provide a video teaching them how to install the software if there are any technical difficulties in doing so 


Week 1

  • Introduction: Students will introduce themselves to the class and tell the class why they decided to take this course (Ice Breaker)
  • Go over the interface of the program
  • Have students learn the basics of music theory (Chord Progression)
  • Send out pdf of chord progressions that are easy to use


Week 2

  • Have students start on their first project of beat making 
  • Learn about BPM (Beats Per Minute) and how that affects our beats
  • Learning how to freeze tracks and making reverse samples


Week 3

  • Learn how to manipulate samples to create your own samples through Simpler
  • Learn how to use audio effects to boost sound quality of a track
  • Students continuing working on their projects


Week 4

  • Continue to work on project/more independent time
  • Students can ask for help, but most of the time will be for beat making.


Week 5


  • Final week


  • Students will present their beats that they have made to the rest of the class


Next week, I’ll focus on more independent research and contacting existing organizations to survey and interview them on how they’ve made music therapy for children with ASD affordable and accessible.


Thank you,


2 Replies to “Week 1: RHAP Workshop”

  1. Matthew S. says:

    The schedule that you came up with will help you a lot with execution and knowing what you need to do. The things that you’ll be doing are really cool and I’m sure a lot of children will really enjoy the lessons you give them. I look forward to seeing more of your independent research as well.

  2. Alex G. says:

    Hi, this sounds pretty interesting project and curriculum. I agree that it is important to make some therapy more affordable or accessible. One thing I would suggest is also important is education among families or parents, which they have to see mental illness as an important thing and they are willing to pay or let their kids receive treatment. One example I could think of is that their is free vaccine in Africa and it is easily access to most of population, however, less than 30% of the population take those vaccine since they don’t have faith in it.

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