Week 1: Consumer Survey Design

Apr 02, 2021

Why We Need Survey?

The purpose of using survey is to help me have understand the both seniors’ and middle ages’ need and buying habit. I will focus three categories: the price preference range, type of exercise they do, and which characteristics of a shoe do they care?

This survey will contribute to fulfill my understanding of the customers’ need in seniors’ group and middle ages’ group. The seniors group’s need represent the potential focus of the designing of the shoe. The middle age group’s need is also important, since they will be the future seniors in 10-20 years, and it is reasonable to believe they do have difference in life habits and buying habit than current seniors, so the product design should also consider those factors.


How Do We Build A Survey?

Other than knowing the specific goal of having this survey is not enough, we need some survey constructing skills to help us. First, my survey will be mostly yes or no question, since it have 2 benefits: making the question easier to understand and easier to compare between participants. Second, my survey will be short enough that could be finish within 1 -2 minutes, which does not only guarantee efficiency, but also reduce the chance of participants rushing through the survey.


How Do We Distribute Survey?

We will mainly distribute the survey in three ways in order to make our survey available for both ages group.

First, we will distribute our survey through WeChat, which is the mostly used social media in China. WeChat have a phenomenal domination for contacting purpose in China and, for most of the time, it replace phone messaging. In 2019, WeChat already have 1.1 billion users in China. With this condition, it is fairly easy to distribute the survey online through WeChat.

Second, we will distribute the paper copy survey to nursing home in order to  effectively reach out to senior population. Since some seniors don’t use phone, or some are illiterate, it will be easier to distribute the survey to nursing home directly, especially nurses will provide help to make sure seniors understand the survey.

Third, we will distribute the survey through survey distributing company, which their job is sending my survey to the specific population I want. Although, those company could guarantee the large quantity of the result, but it is hard to guarantee the accuracy of the survey. So, it makes the last type of survey less of main focus but more of a “assistance” for the first two type of the survey.

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