Week 0: Senior Project Introduction

Mar 28, 2021

Hello everybody! My name is Zihan Salim and I am a senior at Basis Independent Brooklyn. A few things to note about me. I am an outgoing individual who is always looking to learn about the world around me. To become engrossed in a new environment and get out of my comfort zone is always a good time for me. My hobbies include basketball, video games, and writing. My passions lie in law, economics, and technology all of which I want to learn more about in my college career. I am super excited to be researching my Senior Project over the next couple of weeks as it involves all my passions into one comprehensive study. My research question is the following:
How has the historic growth of e-commerce changed the landscape of commercial law real estate?

This question is going to delve into how e-commerce (online businesses and stores) are impacting commercial law ( field of law involving businesses and corporations) specifically the real estate side to it. E-commerce platforms are on the rise and new innovations in technology are impacting the world around us. I have had an interest in e-commerce ever since the start of quarantine when me and my friends experimented with a website that helps individuals create small e-commerce platforms. I enjoyed the experience and wondered how it can affect commercial law which is my favorite field of law as it involves business and economics on top of learning aspects of the legal system along with its history. The real estate portion of the project has been of a recent interest as I have worked with my advisor in the past few weeks learning that it does play a part in this whole complex relationship.

This project is going to explore how it is affecting us as a society. The real estate market is constantly changing. I want to examine the role technology is playing in this change. I will be documenting the change of commercial law real estate and see how it will change in the future as well. I will be conducting my research through a development site based in downtown Brooklyn. I will be learning about how the development company will utilize the new rental spaces in the area and see how e-commerce will influence their ideas on what to do with the space. In addition, I will hopefully be interviewing lawyers and real estate managers to help get a more personal account on how the field has changed. The interview will have questions tailored for each specific person on top of a few general questions I will be asking.

I will be documenting my findings each and hope to deliver on the goods as much as I can. Below I have included a link to my presentation which gives a brief summary on my whole project. There is also a link to my on site advisors company and information regarding my project.

Presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1nqSXmuWvyp2P0LTJBXRTQ7Z5zQhueHiQ4ecPt76xAcU/edit?usp=sharing

On Site Placement:

Thank you

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  1. Charlie K. says:

    I’m excited to learn more about E-commerce and commercial law. It may be helpful to include visuals in your blog posts to document your findings.

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